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Presenting Cherylann and Mike!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the wedding ceremony that was held at Calvary Baptist church near Boiling Springs, NC.

First up, I really like the proud and happy look on the grooms face as looks his mother’s way. He was so happy and thankful for his mothers efforts to make the entire weekend a success.  This shot sums this up.

Husband and Wife proudly leaving the church at their wedding- photography by Steve Jackle Photography.

Give me Five!  Weddings are about relationships.  Besides the bride and groom, it brings old friends and family together.

Husband/Groom gets high five when leaving the church at their wedding- photography by Steve Jackle Photography.

Bride and daughter.

Bride and daughter share a pose after the wedding - photography by Steve Jackle Photography.

Mike cutting up in the waiting room before the ceremony.  Apparently, this is a signature move with his hands.  Note: For those not from NC, “cutting up” is playing around. 🙂 
 Groom is cutting up in a backroom at church before his wedding- photography by Steve Jackle Photography. 

The following are shots of one of the flower girls during the rehearsal.  She is glancing to her mother who is the bride’s sister and maiden of honor.



The answer to my previous post. Mike gets it!


A little wedding reception video.

The entire Mike and Cherylann wedding weekend gallery is located here.

Talk to you soon!

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