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The Weishoff Family – Raleigh Portrait Session

weishoffShot-59Recently, I had the pleasure to capture some images of my time hanging with the Weishoff family.  They are great bunch of people even for some cheese heads from Wisconsin.  🙂  I guess there is nothing wrong with cheese heads because I am one of them myself. Technically, I am a southern-fried cheese head.  If you come to North Carolina in August from Wisconsin, you would be be one also. I have experienced over 28 of these Augusts in the south so I am good and fried now.

Sue Weishoff (formerly Jackle)  is someone that I had the pleasure of picking on and protecting over my life time.  She is my baby sister.  Even though both of us are now forty something, she will always be my little sister. 

Before this recent visit to NC, Sue mentioned that she really wanted me to do her family pictures.  Though our time was limited,  we made some time and headed out to the local Lake Lynn Park and our neighborhood get that accomplished. 

Both Marty and Sue were  a god send with their help in the Jackie’s birthday party preparation and clean up this past weekend.  Sue, forget any mean things I made have said about you when we young! OK !!! You are one great mom and sister that is for sure.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the shoot. 



weishoffShot-27 weishoffShot-74weishoffShot-35weishoffShot-63weishoffShot-80

weishoffShot-88The entire gallery can be found here.

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