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Hilburn Thanksgiving Party 2009

The holiday season is an exciting and busy time for all of us. We have family get-togethers as well as school related functions for our children.  Sophia had a Thanksgiving educational party in her classroom just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  The students created a Thanksgiving tree that represented things that they made them thankful.  Jackie and I attended this event.  It was like a flashback to the second grade for me except school seemed much more cheery than  I remembered.  I was so proud of the way that Sophia behaved in the classroom and how the kids seems to all like her. 

I was quickly reminded that I was “Sophia’s father” by all the kids who seemed to really enjoy that I had brought my camera.  They all loosened up as I captured the event.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

First up, Story time with the teacher.  This was the first thing we saw in the classroom.


The project begins.  Here is Jackie helping a student in the classroom.




This student is focused on his tree project.


Helping each other is always important.


The kids seemed happy to be there.


Almost too happy!  LOL


Here is all the children with their projects.


Sophie helps her sister get a cupcake.


Helping parents need cupcakes too.


The entire gallery can be found here.  Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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