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When 5th place is a winner…

I am member of the Wedding Photographic Society(WPS) which is a network of professional photographers who come together to collaborate on photographic ideas, thoughts, and information in an attempts to elevate the artistic, technical, and business standards of the wedding photographic community.  This is an excellent group for all those interested in raising the bar with their professional portrait and wedding photography.

The WPS offers a quarterly image competition for all its members.  Recently, I submitted my first images for review and critique for second quarter.  This is the first time I ever submitted any of my images to a competition. My goal was to obtain some feedback if possible from the judges to help me further grow as a photographer.  With the competition,  my expectations were honestly not that high. I am primarily a Raleigh based portrait and event photographer that would be competing with some of the best professional wedding photographers around. The judges provide feedback on the top 5 images in each category.

The judges were comprised of a Social Catering Manager and wedding planner, a director of Photography at NC State University, and a top ranked WPJA’s wedding photojournalist.

This quarter’s image competition had four categories: Photojournalism, Artistic, LOL(Humor), Details, and Let Them eat cake.

In my recent post, Yum Yum cake , I blogged about an image that struck my eye.  This is the image that submitted to the competition.  Apparently, I was not the only one that liked it.  It won 5th place in the LOL(Humor) category.  Check out the amazing winning images from WPS 2nd quarter image competition!   These winners are very inspiring and entertaining.  For all the images that placed in the competition, check out this WPS forum post.