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Brier Creek Commons Jul 4th Fireworks Celebration

brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-fireworks-image -1This summer has been a crazy one for the Jackle family. I am quite amazed how fast my two daughters are growing up.   My oldest daughter starts high school at Leesville Road High School in a few weeks.  I am about about to experience what it is like to be a father with a daughter in high school. Wish me luck!  My youngest daughter will be in the fifth grade and this will be the first year both my kids are not in the same K-8  Hilburn Drive Academy school.  She will now be the oldest Jackle at the  Hilburn school and I know she will continue to make us proud without her protective older sister.

You may ask yourself, why is Steve talking about his family on a post about the July 4th Brier Creek Commons Firework celebration? Well, this type of celebration focuses on enjoying time with your family and honoring the birth of our nation with our community.  No matter what color, creed or cultural background , we Americans have the freedom to celebrate the American life together on this day.  This privilege is not available to people in some nations.   It is one day of the year where we should put aside our differences and pull together as one. I appreciate Brier Creek Commons for entrusting me to capture this important event in Raleigh.

The entire set of images can be viewed here.

Here are some sample images from the gallery that celebrate this unity and family fun: brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-flag-girl-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-flag-hat-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-hulu-hoop-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-uncle-sam-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-boys-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-clock-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-facepaint2-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-ball-mom-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-bubbles-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-kid-unity-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-kid-flag-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-ladies-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-man-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-family-1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-people-1

brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-crowd -1brier-creek-commons-fireworks-celebration-2016-kids dancing-1

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