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Portrait Investment

Portrait photography captures a moment in time. As time passes, these moments can be lost forever. As a parent, I now fully understand what my mother meant when she said “they grow up so fast.” Portrait photography is a piece of our legacy to be shared with present and future generations of our friends and family. In some cases, it is the only means to spark memories and emotions of our relatives and friends from our past.

I believe that portrait photography should capture people in context of their lives. For example, for a family that likes to spend their free time at a local lake fishing and waterskiing, one of the best locations for the portrait shoot would be at the lake or on the boat. This session could take a photojournalistic approach and capture the family doing a favorite activity at their cherished lake location. It could capture the grandfather and grandson fishing at the dock. It could capture the brother or sister showing the latest mid-air water skiing stunt that they learned. The options are endless. The session could also take a more traditional “posed” portrait approach using a scene at the lake as the background. The session could also be mixture between these two approaches.

The main point is that you have options for your portrait photography. You are not locked into heading into a traditional portrait studio for your family images because I can come to you. Whether you are interested in capturing your family around your house, at the local playground, at your child’s soccer game, on a lake water skiing, on a nature hike, in an urban setting, the portrait “lifestyle landscape” choice is yours. These are just examples. Let your imagination run wild. The portraits should provide a window into your world and reflect your vision. If you have specific shots in mind, I will work with you to realize your vision.

On-location Portrait session (beginning at $325*)

Includes the following:

  • Pre-session consultation – I will discuss with you (in person or by phone) various available options to meet your photography vision and goals. I will discuss your preferred portrait style, appropriate dress, location, and other factors to ensure an enjoyable experience at session time.
  • Session time: – 1-2 1/2 hours of the photography time including the drive time to a location that is within 30 miles of my studio. Additional fees may apply for more distant locations and for groups larger than 5 people.
  • Post Production: – We select and further enhance only the best images from your session. Our goal is to narrow your focus to the images that would meet your needs without you spending unnecessary hours of your valuable time culling through images that were quickly uploaded to a gallery.
  • Online session gallery: – A password protected online session gallery on where various image products can be purchased and sent directly to your home. This is an easy way to share your session with your family and friends.
  • Post-session consultation(s): – I will follow-up with you to discuss the results of your session, assist you with any issues and opportunities, and help you to determine the most appropriate session products to meet your needs.

This is the starting point to meet your portrait needs. I customize a quote for the image products (prints, canvas, photo books, metal prints etc.) based on your needs.

“Friends and Family” On-location Portrait session

Includes the following:

  • One location and scheduled time for several groups of family and friends.
  • With three or more groups of friends and family, each family/group receives everything mentioned above in the standard on-location portrait session but at a discount rate.  The rate of discount increases as the number of family/groups increases.

Please contact me for details on these discounts for your particular situation. Since capturing multiple groups does entail greater overall session time, it is important to book these far enough in advance to ensure my availability.

*All package prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact me to confirm the latest package prices.

Note: All packages and services are subject to NC state sales tax.

Contact me for more information – 919 673 1096

Looking forward to working with you.

Steve Jackle